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FTC - Federal Trade Commission - Using Credit Reports - For Employers
LAW - FTC Facts for Business
LAW - Using Consumer Reports for Employers

FCRA - Fair Credit Reporting Act
LAW - FCRA Summery

GLBA - Gramm Leach Bliley Act
LAW - GLBA comply

DPPA - Driver's Privacy Protection Act

Summaries of Rights and Notices of Duties Under the FCRA & FACT Act
Publication of Final Guidance on Model Disclosures

Appendix F
Summary of Consumer Rights Under the FCRA

Appendix G 
Notice to Furnishers of Information: Obligations of Furnishers Under the FCRA

Appendix H
Notice to Users of Consumer Reports: Obligations of Users Under the FCRA

Appendix E
Summary of Consumer Identity Theft Rights: Remedying the Effects of Identity Theft

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