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The Cost of NOT Conducting an Employee Background Screening

Not all risks can be measured in dollars alone. Consider loss of talent, loss of morale, loss of reputation. By law, an employer must exercise due diligence in hiring to ensure that people selected do not pose a threat to others. Poor hiring decisions can have long-term financial and legal ramifications for employers and your other employees. A meticulous pre-employment screening can significantly reduce the risks. The average jury award for negligent hiring against companies, big and small is $900,000  Read Article

Asset Search for Debt Collection

You win a judgment in court, and naturally, you want to collect. If you run into difficulty collecting the court-ordered sum, consider conducting an assets search to gather intelligence. First: Ascertain what assets and income the individual has. Make sure the person has property. Check the County Registrar of Deeds and the County Appraiser's office. Know this: The court will not seek to ascertain what properties and possessions are owned by the defendant in order to collect on a judgment. Once determined though, the court will issue an order to the defendant to relinquish the property or possessions and order sheriff's deputies or constables to grab assets for you. Read Article

The TRUTH about "FREE" Criminal Records Searches

Enter "Free Criminal Records Search" in Google. Click on one of the listings. Enter your subject's name (this could be the only information that you have), and other personal information, your subject has provided. Your search results could be in the hundreds, depending on how common the name is and the breadth of your search area (a county, state or national search). How do you identify which one is your subject? Know this: There is a big difference between a "Criminal Records Search" and a "Criminal Background Check". A "Criminal Records Search" is searching a single database with the identifying information that you have been provided. A "Criminal Background Check", on the other hand, will discover and verify your subject's personal information, thereby establishing positive identity, plus searching a variety of databases. Read Article

How to Search Criminal Records

Why conduct a criminal records check? This is a question that many prospective employers, landlords or business people ask when first considering an individual for employment, property rental or as a business associate. People often put too much faith in a resume, a simple background check or contacting referees. In today's society, it is necessary to follow through with a criminal records check to be absolutely certain that the person under consideration is as trustworthy as they may appear to be from an initial interview or check of their paperwork. Read Article

How to Conduct a Complete Background Check

In the not-too-distant past, people were raised and spent their lives in small towns or localized city neighborhoods, often living among the same neighbors for all or most of their lives. Everyone knew his or her neighbors, and that personal intimacy lasted a lifetime. Today's world however, is highly mobile. Few people live in the same locale for very long, and so many of our interpersonal relationships grow out of cyberspace where a person can become anyone they wish to be. In such a transient society, trust is no longer a matter of faith, but often must be verified, especially in matters of the workplace, business relationships and property rental. Read Article

Background Check List

A handy employee background checklist for compiling employee background screening reports on individuals for businesses and corporations. See Check List

How to Conduct a Business Background Check

When dealing with another business entity or service provider, the common questions that must be asked are: "Can this company be trusted?" or "How much is known about this company?" Doing business in today's reality is fraught with potential risks. There are news stories about contractors who secure deposits and then never return to do the job, or accounts about companies that defraud investors out of millions of dollars. Remember the recent national scandal regarding Enron Corporation. When intending to establish a relationship with a company, it is important to be certain that they are reputable, and that their image is not marred by liens, judgments, bankruptcy or civil action, either against the entity or its principals. Read Article

Business Background Check List

A handy business background checklist for compiling background reports on businesses for individuals, businesses and corporations. See Check List

How to Conduct an Employee Background Check

Employees are an important asset to a company or small business. They essentially are the driving force behind production or services rendered. Often employees are the representatives of the business, especially when dealing with customers or clients. Therefore it is vital to the success and well-being of any business to make certain that its employees are honest, responsible and reliable. Employee background checks are vital to that objective. They are the key to insuring that the company or small business has performed its due diligence in the hiring process. Read Article

Employee Background Check List

A handy employee background checklist for compiling employee background screening reports on individuals for businesses and corporations. See Check List

How to Conduct a Tenant Background Screening

Most landlords have experienced the wild Saturday night party when neighbors must summon the police to quiet a rowdy crowd. They are equally familiar with walking into an apartment or commercial space after a tenant has vacated only to find the premises in shambles, requiring almost total renovation. In both residential and commercial leases, there is a potential for lost income resulting from the time to complete extensive repairs, or if a tenant breaks a lease and suddenly vacates. These are nightmare scenarios that can be minimized by conducting background checks before renting an apartment, condo, home or commercial space to a prospective tenant. The steps presented in this article will reduce the dangers of facing later evictions or costly repairs. Read Article

How to Search for Assets - Part One

People hide assets for a variety of reasons that range from personal to business in nature, but essentially they have property or money that they do not want discovered. Hiding of assets is not always a sign of criminal intent, but just as often it shows a moral or ethical failing in a subject's character in that they feel there is a reason to hide all or a portion of their wealth from scrutiny. This article delves into the concept of hidden assets and details a methodology for uncovering such property or wealth. Read Article

How to Search for Assets - Part Two

When an individual or a company wishes to avoid being exposed to the possibility of paying out money for judgments resulting from a lawsuit or in personal matters such as alimony or child support, it is not uncommon for substantial assets to be hidden in a variety of ways. This part of the report on locating hidden assets details the manner in which assets can be camouflaged or totally concealed. Read Article

Due Diligence Check List

A handy checklist for conducting due diligence background checks on individuals, businesses and corporations. See Check List

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