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   A Complete National Background Research and Screening Company
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Since 1996, we have conducted thorough background investigations on individuals and businesses for a range of clients, including employers, property owners/managers, company executives, financial institutions, universities and law firms.
Investigative Professionals employs professional database search personnel and qualified onsite representatives who monitor courthouses nationwide. They are qualified and proficient at accessing records at all levels of government.

Investigative Professionals LLC performs employee background investigations that meet the most stringent requirements of local, state and federal government bid specifications.

Our clients are the beneficiaries of our direct access to the most extensive and current public records, proprietary databases and all civil and criminal court records.

Business Members have a company web page and an account on our secure server. There is no charge or monthly fee for this service.

When engaging the services of Investigative Professionals, you can be confident that our professional database search personnel will utilize all current investigative techniques in the process of compiling your background check or business background reports. a

Background and business reports are routinely returned within a few hours of submission, normally on the same day.

Personal consultation is available by email or telephone. An assigned consultant will be ready to answer all your questions and clarify procedures. If additional information is required, that consultant will work directly with you as needed.

From: Speegle Construction Inc.

Investigative Professionals performs very complete and thorough Background Reports on all our managerial candidates. 

These Reports typically provide confirmation of a good candidate for employment, and point out "red flags" to alert us about a potential problem, which was the case recently. 

Our company had already performed our requisite reference checks on a potential candidate - all of which returned lavish accolades of the individual's performance and knowledge.

The final step in the hiring process was the completion of a background check with Investigative Professionals. The report from IP alerted us that the individual's degree, could not be confirmed. 

This one piece of evidence set off a chain of events we could have never anticipated!  In the end, it was discovered that every piece of information and every reference provided by the applicant was fraudulent, but it had all been so immaculately set up, that it appeared! legitimate. 

If not for IP's report, we would have certainly hired this individual. We are grateful to have a resource such as Investigative Professionals on our team!

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