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background checkBy: Joe Hoover

Remember the Andy Griffith Show from the Sixties? Everything was simpler then. Everybody in town knew everyone else – and their business!

Nowadays, “Who knows who?!” When folks move these days, it’s to the cities and suburbia – and not to rural communities.

If you are entering into a relationship with someone – for either personal or business reasons – you’ll want to be certain those you are about to get involved with are precisely who they claim to be, and that nobody involved is hiding a dark past.

One way to be positively sure about someone – both personally and financially – is to conduct a thorough background check.

Run a background check on an individual or a company to insure your personal safety, your security, your well-being, and the protection of your loved ones.

Other equally important issues are theft prevention, loss of income, and the avoidance of legal problems.

A thorough personal background check paints a virtual historical portrait of the person - and their business.

So, knowing why you should run a background check, let’s consider the who aspect. For instance: Say you’re hiring a care-giver for a loved one in your home. Ask: Has the potential care-giver received state approved training? Is he or she properly licensed?

Or, as a business manager, you are charged with hiring a team of experts for a sensitive (and profitable) government project. You’ll need to check employment history, plus criminal and civil databases.
As an attorney, you may be looking for information on “the other guy” – the opposition. Court records are the bastion of law offices, but local records don’t always tell the complete story.

For smaller firms - especially - those without the personnel or the expertise to conduct a complete background check, information providers are a great resource for searching pertinent records.

Property management’s prime concern: Is the potential new tenant right for the property? To avoid future tribulations, run - at minimum - the civil actions, eviction, criminal and address history database searches.

Investigative Professionals has looked into the backgrounds of individuals and businesses since 1996. Visit our website: or call us: 928-451-1598 and speak with one of our receptive and knowledgeable representatives to determine the type of background check that will best suit your needs.

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