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All Background Checks
Expert Compiled Complete Background Checks

Our Expert Background Checks offer a virtual portrait of your subject. Investigative Professionals offers enhanced, personalized service.Our Search Experts connect to a network of trusted databases sources to assemble the most relevant information for many types of Background Checks.
People Identifier and LocatorIdentity & Locate Search

To locate and identify a person often requires you conduct more than a single search.  Our Expert Search Consultants have earned years of search experience.  We will provide all past and present address and phone numbers and all possible email addresses.
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Complete Background ChecksComplete Background Check

This is a  very good basic background check, that confirms a person's identity & provides essential facts you need to know. Includes: Past Addresses, Phone Numbers and email addresses. Civil & Criminal Records.

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Extensive Background CheckExtensive Background Report

If you absolutely must know everything about a person's background, choose this Extensive Profile Report, which mines all relevant public &  proprietary records. Includes: Assets   Business connections.

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Assets RepotsAssets Search

This multiple database search for assets will check Assessor and Deeds, past and present in the counties of proven residence. Family trusts are often discovered. Vehicles, aircraft and vessel searches are included. . Bank account search.

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Due Diligence ReportDue Diligence  Report
Due Diligence is often a requirement of the courts in civil actions.  When it is important that one needs ALL information about a person, for personal or businesses purposes the Due Diligence Report is most through report available.

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Business Background Reports Business Profile

Are you considering a business relationship?  You need to learn everything you can about the business in question and the businesses' principals and partners. This Report will deliver more then require data. It includes an all-important Business Credit Report.

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Court & Criminal

Seasoned Search Experts scrutinize county, state, and national civil and criminal databases. Arrests and Warrants are searched to determine if your subject has a criminal history. All civil court records are searched including: bankruptcies, liens & judgments.
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Sample -   Criminal Background Package Sample Report

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Employee Background CheckEmployee Screening

If you are contemplating hiring a care-giver for your loved ones or a new  member of your staff, you must check out those who will be - in one way or another - close to you and yours. Verifications are available

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Tenant ScreeningTenant Screening

This is the Database Search for information that landlords and property managers, need to determine the reliability of a potential tenant.  Former addresses and phone numbers are revealed, along with the names of the property owners. Eviction and criminal records are covered

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Comprehensive Social Networking Report


This Comprehensive Social networking Report reveals all social network accounts attached to an individuals email address that they have ever used including, Face book, Twitter, Instagrram, Linkedin and Dating sites. You will be able read their profiles and find out about their families, education, employment and much more. This is a great addition to our other reports A Social Networking search can be added to any of our reports or can be ordered separately.

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Locate Bank Accounts

Investigative Professionals specializes in locating debtor assets, for attorneys and law firms, private Investigators, corporations, financial institutions, landlords and collection agencies. Social Security Security Number required. If you do not have an SSN, we will locate one for you.

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