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Business Background Check List
by Joe Hoover

order a business background check

If you are considering a business relationship, you need to learn everything you can about the business in question. And you certainly need to learn everything you can about the people who own and operate the business.

Learn pertinent details about the principals, including their assets, by conducting a thorough Background Check on owners and top management, which should include criminal searches, civil searches for lawsuits, legal actions, and derogatory credit report entries, like liens, bankruptcies, and judgments.

Tap the national databases to compile an in-depth Report for business and personal assets information. Check professional licenses. Search county records for tax liens, judgments, and complaints.

You need to check all available records pertaining to a business, and conduct a Business Credit Report to ascertain its creditworthiness; its standing in the local, state, and national business communities.

You do not need to know the names of business owners to conduct a Business Background Search - along with the all-important Business Credit Report - which will identify owners.

Identify bank and financial accounts through UCC filings and other searches. Often, the name of the bank or lending institution that provided the financing for business loans will be discovered.

Business Associations & Professional Information
Business Search
Business Credit Report
Partnerships & Corporate Affiliations
Company Name Search
FEIN Search
Legal Actions
UCC Filings
Professional License
Check out businesses and service providers. Ask: "Can I trust these people?" and  "What do we know about this company?" Consider potential risks: contractors take deposits and then never do the job; crooks who defraud investors out of millions of dollars. Make sure a company - and especially the people who run it - are reputable, and that their image is not marred by liens, judgments, bankruptcy or civil actions.

Personal Information and Identity Verification
Identity Verification. Important database search proves or disproves identity; discovers or confirms "identifiers" like DOB, SSN, and addresses.
Identity Verification. Important database searches prove or disprove identity; discovers or confirms "identifiers" like DOB, SSN, and addresses reported on credit applications
Also Know As (aka's). Discover other names associated with subject's Social Security Number (SSN). Search and Verification. Has your subject used other Social Security numbers in the past? This could be a cause for concern.
Others Associated with Subject's SSN
Current and Previous Addresses. Database returns periods of occupancy
Names of Persons at each address subject have resided. May include spouses, family members, roommates, and live-in lovers
Phone Summary
Subject's Residence' Property Owners
Possible Properties Owned by Subject
Possible Associates
Possible Relatives
Possible Neighbors
Possible Neighbors
National Death Index
Financial Information
Nationwide Property Ownership Records
Deed Transfers
Motor Vehicles Registered. May also include vehicles owned by others living at the subject's address
Boats Ownership
Aircraft Ownership
Civil Court Records
Evictions Search
Bankruptcies Search nationally search by name
Federal Civil and Criminal Courts Search - Search all federal courts, all regions
Criminal Records
Nationwide Criminal Record Search (DOC) This is the national convicts and felons database
Sexual Offender Search: State's lists of sexual offenders
OFAC Database: The Office of Foreign Assets Control. Lists criminals and terrorists around the world.


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