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Aircraft - FAA Registrations - FAA Airmen

 Reference: Subject, Joe A Subject
Report Compiled on February 15, 2004 at 11:51PM
Aircraft - FAA Registrations - FAA Airmen
The Aircraft file contains United States Aircraft registrations from the Federal Aviation Administration for the entire United States. This file is updated monthly.

Aircraft Owner: Joseph A Subject
Address: 1806 Dexter ST. Cornville KY 12345   Country: US
Registration Type: Owner
FAA Region: Southeast
Registration Mark (N-Number): N-4395B
Aircraft Serial Number: 9579504
Aircraft Type: Fixed Wing Single Engine
Engine Manufacturer: Lycoming
Engine Model: 0-235 SERIES
Engine Type: Reciprocating
Number of Engines: 1
Aircraft Year: 1988
Aircraft Manufacturer: Piper
Aircraft Model: PA-38-112
Aircraft Category: Land
Number of Seats: 2
Aircraft Weight: Class 1 (UP to 12,499)
Average Cruising Speed: 183 mph
Airworthiness: Standard
Last Verified Date: 10-10-2001
Registration Certification Date: 09-15-1995

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