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Property Records Search

Search for property by person's name. Instantly reverse your search to determine the owner or seller of a particular property. Determine an individual's financial worth when collecting unpaid debt. Ascertain third parties able to assist in skip tracing efforts.

Sample - Property Records  Sample |  Coverage -  Property Records Coverage

When should I use a Property search?

A property search can be requested for two different reasons. First, it can be used as an additional means for locating an individual or associates. Second, it can be used to determine the assets of an individual. This can be very helpful with impending litigation or trying to determine the likelihood of repayment.

What sources are searched?
  • Assessment records for previous years
  • Deeds up to the current month
  • Coverage
What information is returned?
  • Parcel Number
  • Property Address
  • Owner
  • Owner Address
  • Second Owner**
  • Seller
  • Sale Amount
  • Sale Date
  • Mortgage Amount*


  • Mortgage Loan Type*
  • Mortgage Term*
  • Title Company Name*
  • Lender Name*
  • Transaction Type
  • Document Type*
  • Assessed Value**
  • Tax Year**
  • Land Usage
  • Square Feet
How else can this product be used?

This search may also be used to determine property that has been appropriated to another party. Third parties found on assessment and deed records are usually very willing to assist in providing a forwarding address or contact information for the individual.
*Only available when searching Deed records  **Only available when searching Assessment records

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