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People Search - Details
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Search multiple credit bureau repositories, phone and public records databases with one search. Locate individuals, relatives, and neighbors. Returned:  name, age, DOB, SSN, current address and phone number, previous addresses, aka's and date of death.
When should I use a People search?
You should use a people search as your primary search for skip tracing. Over 100 data sources are searched at a fraction of the cost of conventional skip tracing products. A Trade Detail report can be requested from this search to give an even greater detail of verified and non-verified addresses, associates, neighbors, neighborhood and relatives.
What sources are searched?
  • Equifax's Consumer Credit Database
  • Trans Union's Consumer Credit Database
  • Telephone Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOC) database
  • State and City Public Records
  • Compilation of over 100 data sources
What information is returned?
  • Possible addresses and phone numbers
  • Reporting dates
  • Status of the individual (e.g., deceased)
  • Birthdates
  • Bankruptcy indicator
How else can this product be used?
Flagging an individual's birth date may help in the future where other searches have failed. With this date, you can watch for Driverâ€Ã¢â€žÂ¢s License and/or Motor Vehicle Registration renewals.
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