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Bankruptcy Filings Records Search

Determine the likelihood or legality of repayment of a debt with a Bankruptcy Records Search. Determine bankruptcy filing status, filing type, debtors, and liabilities. Prevent legal recourse resulting from violating a stay.

Sample - Bankruptcy Sample Report

When should I initiate a Bankruptcy Filings Search?

A Bankruptcy search is very important when determining the actual status of an individual's assets and/or court proceedings. Contacting a debtor who has filed bankruptcy resulting in an automatic stay could get you into legal trouble. This offense against the bankruptcy code, 11 U.S.C. Section 101-1330, is often punishable by a fine. The information returned from the search can be used to request a Bankruptcy records report. This report is beneficial when determining the bankruptcy estate, claims, discharges, unscheduled debts and overall equity. Unscheduled debts may still be collectable even when an automatic stay has been issued. This search is also great for prescreening or as supplemental data to a credit report.

What sources are searched?
  • U.S. Bankruptcy Court Dockets
  • What information is returned?
    • Debtor Name
    • Debtor Address*
    • Aka's*
    • Additional Debtor Name
    • Liabilities*
    • Assets*
    • Exemptions*
    • Record Type*
    • Case Number
    • Filing Date
    • Filing Type
    • Filing Status
    • Court
    • Court Location
    • Attorney*
    • Trustee*
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